5.3. Working Conditions

We provide the best solutions about ensuring proper working conditions for our employees. We customize and equip all our work areas with the materials necessary for our field of business.


Explaining the impact

Material aspect

Economic impact

Social impact

Environmental impact

Working Conditions

Our organisational culture emphasises continuous people development which helps us to understand operational approaches, streamline work, gain autonomy where it is needed. All this actively contributes to the company's economic performance, believing that the company's most important stakeholder is the employee.

We emphasise a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the workplace, believing that a positive attitude is the key to our employees' well-being.

Providing optimal working conditions allows employees to focus on work efficiency by paying attention to issues that can lead to negative environmental impact. Employees are trained to beproactive and environmentally friendly.

Explaining the impact
Managing the impact

We provide the best solutions about ensuring proper working conditions for our employees. We customize and equip all our work areas with the materials necessary for our field of business. We pay attention to the conditions in which they work and to the aspects that can lead to less stress in the workplace and create a relaxed atmosphere. The infrastructure of the office spaces is friendly and ergonomic, with relaxation areas and meeting rooms.

Furthermore, as we encourage reading, each location has its own library, making it easier for employees to access books and to read even during working hours. There is also the possibility to access a significant number of books in digital or audio format.

Workspaces are also equipped with kitchens, encouraging time together and during lunch breaks. Depending on the location, employees have access to coffee, tea, fruit, or natural juices.

Being sure that a positive attitude is the key to employees’ well-being, we emphasize a relaxed and friendly atmosphere at work. We also show openness when it comes to development needs and are careful to consider everyone’s professional development goals. We have a training budget available for all employees and emphasise development as a daily practice. We evolve every day and track everyone’s progress in our six-monthly appraisals.

Success for us is defined by the evolution of our colleagues, as a result people growth remains the most rewarding investment and the main factor in the sustainability of our business. Being able to provide the framework in which people can constantly push their limits in the context of accelerated business growth is one of our biggest challenges.

What we set out to do:
  • Increase the number of education and training programmes for employees;
  • Increased involvement in community development;
  • Promote education by supporting specific programmes.

2022 was another year in which we took full advantage to accelerate the learning and development process of the team.

Managing the impact
Effectiveness of actions taken

Employee benefits

“We are a team. Respect, common sense and a smile are our secrets” and that’s why the benefits we offer our employees are designed to motivate them, increase their performance and ensure their retention. They are designed to support our employees in various situations encountered in their daily professional and private lives.

We have an additional insurance for colleagues who are Customer Service Agents, which covers accident and hospitalisation. The insurance is paid in full by the Autonom.

In addition to the salary component, we also offer employees a range of benefits tailored to their role in the company:
  • Annual bonuses;
  • Benefits such as meal vouchers, private health insurance for all employees, private pension packages;
  • Pillar III pension fund – the company doubles the amount up to a maximum of 160 lei;
  • Paid days off for special family events;
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses to/from work and 50% of the gym membership;
  • Unlimited access to Autonom libraries;
  • Participation in sporting events and marathons;
  • Preferential car rental rates
    Effectiveness of actions takenEmployee benefits

Parental leave

All employees are entitled to parental leave, regardless of gender. We want to encourage a work-life balance and make it easier for employees to adjust to returning to and reintegrating into work after parental leave. As confirmation, 16 employees requested and received parental leave in 2022, of which 9 employees returned to work after the end of parental leave in previous years.



Total number of employees who benefited from parental leave









Total number of employees returning from parental leave









Employee remuneration procedure

Employee satisfaction and development is critical to the success of our business and that’s why we invest in quality of life at work. We offer a range of personalised benefits because we want them to be confident in achieving their professional and personal goals and these aim to reward performance, autonomy, job security and initiatives that help us be better every day.

Performance evaluation is conducted every 6 months within each department, following a Scorecard that has well-defined categories of goals achieved vs. goals proposed, books read, courses/trainings completed vs. proposed, and community involvement. Results are discussed with managers to develop planning for the next period using the systems approach method.

The general principles for setting the Group’s employee remuneration policies are as follows:
  • Attracting, retaining and motivating the best professionals;
  • Rewarding achievement;
  • Maintaining competitiveness and aligning remuneration with good governance recommendations;
  • Promoting transparency on remuneration and the criteria for determining it.

Autonom’s management team is a very stable one, with low staff turnover. Autonom has implemented a succession plan for the top ten managers in the organisation.