5.6. Quality of Education

Projects to promote learning and reading in our communities and among our partners help raise awareness of more sustainable behaviour and climate action.


Explaining the impact

Material aspect

Economic impact

Social impact

Environmental impact

Quality of Education

Involvement in educating and training young people increases their chances ofentering the labour market.

We get involved and offer support to children and students with limited possibilities and not only, through school supplies, books, scholarships, career guidance programs and by modernizing the institutions where they learn. The impact we have is one of education and development for those in need, thus contributing to a better quality of life.

We need to educate our customers about what it means to be sustainable and to take better care of the environment. So, we offer clients green mobility solutions, the necessary infrastructure and assistance in reducing potential negative environmental impacts.

Explaining the impact
Managing the impact

Quality of Education

By supporting the education system by investing in children’s development and positively influencing the well-being of our employees, we maintain a strong involvement in the communities we are part of and believe we can best make our mark in the future. We consider business to be one of the most competent actors in society in terms of knowledge sharing, as a result we will continue to promote continuous learning, also raising awareness of more sustainable behaviour.

In 2022 we carried out 202 educational projects, the highest number ever, providing scholarships, modernising and equipping several schools with educational materials, organising various creative workshops and field trips, supporting talented students and providing mentoring. Most of these have been peer-supported with support from the Autonom Foundation.

Quality of Education
Effectiveness of actions taken

Become AutonOM (Devino Autonom)

We continued to support the „Devino AutonOM” program also in 2022, an educational project developed and implemented entirely by the Autonom Foundation and addressing students in the 7th or 8th grades. The program was born in November 2021, due to the influence we had on students up to that point, through other educational projects with impact in local communities. Since its establishment, over 473 colleagues have reached more than 450 students from all over the country. We borrowed for 10 weeks conducting classes, and during each meeting we discussed and debated a topic, focusing on several areas: self-knowledge/development, financial education, elements psycho-pedagogical counseling, emotional intelligence, the importance of values, volunteering and reading, how we fight bullying as well as sustainability, adding from September a new module entitled „Sustainability - Present and future, in harmony with nature”. The 10 themes were created based on 10 course supports, supported by PPT presentations, videos, interviews, themes on Whatsapp, trainings and awards in the form of diplomas and books. With even more enthusiasm, we will support this program in 2023 as well.

Teach for Romania

Together with our partners at Teach, we were happy to get involved in the recruitment and selection process of future public-school teachers and to provide children from vulnerable backgrounds with unrestricted access to quality education. We had over 22 colleagues who formed joint teams with Teach and took part in the three stages of the programme.